DRAMAtical Murder playthrough Channel

Hello everybody !! :D

I decided to make a new youtube channel where I could post all the playthrough of DRAMAtical Murder ! :D 


Here it is ! 

There is only Re:connect Mink Route for the moment, but other route and Dramatical Murder first game will come soon ! ;) For those who can’t install the game !


Anonyme asked: hello! what are you and tora's favourite songs currently?*please excuse the grammar*

Hmmm I think Tora is still Javert’s song from Les Misérable, she really like it, and I have none, like always ! :’D I listen to so many music a day, and from so different styles… Like, just today, I’ve listen to the whole Metallica and A7X last albums, several korean songs, then the whole songs from Dracula, a french musical… Well… That’s it ! XD I don’t have favourite songs… 

Hiii ! Sorry I’m not going to repeat everything because I’ve told this story like 3 or 4 time on our livestream ! :D So I recommend you to go to our youtube channel to know everything about us ! ;D 

Hiii ! Sorry I’m not going to repeat everything because I’ve told this story like 3 or 4 time on our livestream ! :D So I recommend you to go to our youtube channel to know everything about us ! ;D 


I saw this post a while ago and yep that’s definitely something Clear would say.

Right now, I’m dying. THIS. IS. SO. CUTE !


Hi I want 300 boyfriends.


Me me me !! I want to be one of your boyfriends !! … Oh wait… I’m a girl… ANYWAY ! Let me be in your wonderful Harem !!! :’D I’ll warry the fruit basket ! … Well not the manga… but you know, a basket… with fruits… like… Okay… Just let me rape you. 

Anonyme asked: herro! whats the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? *hugs and kisses from asiaaaaaA*

Hiii theeeere ! :D I guess, as everybody, I’m not going to tell the most embarrassing thing because it’s too embarrassing and it’s not really nice, but I guess it was when I told Tora about my feelings for her ! :D 

I love you my lovely strawberry ! ♥ My toracosplay ! ♥

I love you my lovely strawberry ! ♥ My toracosplay ! ♥

Anonyme asked: do you guys like imagine dragons?

Hiii there ! Yes ! I like Imagine Dragons, and Tora likes too ! :D

Anonyme asked: Dear Tora Can you and koe start a truth or dare series:) because i have SO much dares i want you guys to doXDD like.. TORA I DARE YOU TO PUNCH KOE IN THE BOOB AS HARD AS YOU CAN AND FILM THE REACTION. ORRR KOE I DARE YOU TO DO THE TICKLE TORTURE TORAXD


So, maybe in the next livestream we will take some truth or dare, but that’s not sure. And let me tell you, if you punch the person  you love as hard as you can in the boobs/genitals or anywhere, you’re mad and abnormal. So it’s a categoric no, I will never punch Koe and I don’t find it funny, AT ALL.  

Some people want my death ??? :’D

Anonyme asked: Hi Koe, can I ask you something? I'm really scared because I'm getting braces (like for your teeth) on on Wednesday and I already wear glasses so I'm scared about what people will think of me. Any advise. Sorry for probably waisting your time. Your brilliant by the way. I love you and Tora haha 😘😘

Hiii there ! :D Well, I would tell you that you don’t have to take care of what people think of you, but I can understand that you may be scary ! Maybe I should not say that, but Tora had braces for a long time before, so she could help you more about that ! :) Anyway, you have to feel good with yourself and the other doesn’t matter. I mean, they’ll don’t change your life, you do. Only you can have an impact on your life, so don’t care about people. And if they’re intelligent people, they’ll don’t care about your glasses and braces ! :) And it’s only temporary (for braces), so don’t worry ! :D


Looooook ! I’m a dinosaur ! *dance dance*

I’m so proud of this little poncho ! ♥ I did it with black and green fabric, with a loooooot of DMMD pins ! 


Okay… That’s not really an underwater kiss, but Nico was just too affraid to stay submerged, even with my bubble stuff… But I forced him in the pool ! VICTORY ! - Percy

You can see the whole video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0I0EFJas8M … Enjoy. - Nico

That’s SO fuckin’ true !!! x’D


Guys…. If you like DMMd, go check this out ! That’s just perfect ! XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD4tbl7FKys

(FOR YOU MY LOVE ! toracosplay )

Valdrigr Alsvieth from Crimson Spell 

Annnnnd Here comes some photos of the last photoshoot !! :D 

Some photos of demon Valdrigr Alsvieth for you ! 

I made Valdrigr for my second Mang’Azur (lie 2 years ago) for the first time ! We decided to do it again for some photos with Tora as my lovely Halvir ! ♥

Tora as Halvir Hropter
Koe as Valdrigr Alsvieth
Editing : Koe

(And for those who doesn’t know Crimson Spell, here is the picture I used as my reference :